3 Must-Have Elements for Any Corporate Website

Compare any website from today and from 5 years ago, and you will spot the difference immediately. Advances in coding and technology have meant that lots of frills can now be added to websites, from parallax effects while scrolling, animations, sophisticated pop-ups, and so on. Those are nice-to-have features, but at times, they can take away from the core of what your corporate website should be.

Remove the frills, and focus on what matters: here are 3 must-haves for any corporate website.

Strong Branding
  • Make sure your website prominently features a clear version of your logo. Avoid uploading logo images that look stretched, pixelated, or discoloured.
  • Incorporate your brand colours into the website – it can be as subtle as colouring buttons, arrows, icons, and so on in your strongest brand colours!
  • Pick your brand font family and keep to it throughout the website. This will help you to retain a professional, classy look.
 Personalized Copy & Images
  • Describe your company in your own words (avoid copy-pasting), and use terminology that your target user will understand. Are you targeting the general public? Then simple, clear language is best. Are you targeting industry experts? Then show your own expertise with terms that they will recognize and relate to.
  • If you have your own corporate photography that is nice enough to be used in the website, use it! If you don’t have your own photos, then try to select stock images that will relate to your target audience. If you are a Malaysian company targeting a Malaysian audience, then use images that feature Asian people or local elements to strengthen your brand identity.
 A Clear Call to Action
  • When you created your corporate website, what action(s) did you want your audience to take? Make sure your website conveys this recommended action loud and clear. If you want visitors to read about your company, ensure a “Learn About XYZ Sdn Bhd” button is clearly visible somewhere at the top of the page. If you want your audience to submit their information to you, make sure a contact form is clearly accessible and easy to fill (keep it short, simple, and mobile-friendly). If you want your audience to contact you via phone or Whatsapp, make these buttons directly clickable to open the Call or Whatsapp apps on their phones.
  • Allow a neutral third party to review your website and give you feedback on the overall action flow. Is it intuitive? Are they compelled to take your desired action? What can you change to improve the user experience?

With these 3 core features, you ensure your corporate website has a strong foundation. Frills and other fun things can be added on and removed as you wish, but these 3 things should always remain to ensure your corporate website is effective and something you can be proud of!