5 Signs Your Corporate Website Needs a Revamp

If your corporate website is showing these 5 signs, it probably needs a revamp! Read on to find out what they are.

In our increasingly digital world, simply having a website – any website – is no longer good enough. In fact, having a bad or ineffective website can hurt your business as much as not having one at all. Your website is often the place where your target audience gains a first impression of your business, and a website that misrepresents your brand, gives customers a bad experience, or doesn’t support your business goals can cause you to lose valuable leads to your competitors.

So, if your corporate website is showing these 5 warning signs, it could be time for a revamp!

1. Slow loading speed

Website users these days expect your website to load almost instantly upon clicking in. In fact, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, studies show that you lose almost 40% of your visitors who get impatient and click to exit your site before even viewing your landing page. Every additional second of delay can cause a 7% reduction in sales. Scary, isn’t it? A slow-loading website could be caused by many factors – use a free tool like Google Page Speed to assess your website, or hire a good agency to run a diagnostic and fix any issues that could be affecting your load speed!

2. Poor SEO support

Putting the best SEO practices to action is the best (free) way to be found on Google. However, not every website has all the right keywords, content, tags, links, and so on in place to make your SEO effective. In fact, not every website even allows for the implementation of SEO practices! If your website is getting swallowed up in Google because of poor SEO, it may be time for a complete overhaul. A good foundation will make SEO a breeze in years to come!

3. Unresponsive to different devices

If your site doesn’t respond well to a variety of mobile device sizes and resolutions (e.g. phones, tablets), you are likely losing a great deal of quality traffic. Almost everyone surfs on the go, and a website that is unpleasant to use due to formatting issues, missing functions, difficult buttons or links, and so on can result in a lot of frustration and a visitor who isn’t likely to return to your site again.

4. Doesn’t encourage customer action

If your website is getting a decent amount of traffic, but those visitors are not doing what you want them to do (e.g. making a purchase, signing up for a service, or submitting an enquiry etc), your website might need a revamp to naturally lead your customer to take your desired action. Whether through process flow, or content, or attractiveness of the product or service offered, a poor conversion rate indicates an issue that could be costly to your business.

5. Not user friendly

Get someone who has never visited your website before, and have them go through your site like a normal visitor would. Then, get their feedback. Does the organization of pages and content make sense? Are the buttons or links easy to find and click? Do the pages flow from one to the other or does the user frequently have to return to a previous page to continue their navigation? Some of these issues are small and easy to fix, but when added up it can be easier and more cost-effective to just hire an agency to revamp your website to lay down the foundation for a good user experience from the very beginning.