Imagine those type of marketing that you see when you are driving or reading a newspaper, now you can see the same thing when you are looking at your phone or using your pc. Google AdWords or Google Marketing is the new era for conventional advertising.

Other than you get to save the trees with all those papers and flowing cash, it is proven to be more effective in this digital age.


Google Search Advertising

Search requires certain keywords that can make people recognize what your business is all about. Our job is to ensure that your name is fully optimized in the search engine. There are certain measures that need to be considered before launching your brand in the internet. We analyze the market, your competitors approach, the right keywords and audience. Through these, we can achieve the result wanted and provide a report to you on the performance of your search ads.


Google Display Network

Capture your audience’s attention with Google Display Network ads. These can be text, image, interactive or video ads. Once clicked, it will direct your audience to the landing page of your preferred site. With our digital marketing team, we will design the ads to fit your purpose and ensuring that it is set to hit the right audience, group, topic, and interest. We will also help to re-marketing your ads to so that your targeted audience will be aware of your brand or products.


YouTube Advertising

Visuals always entice people’s attention. So why not let the Macgad team does its magic in placing your brand’s name to the right audience that will spend their time mostly in front of the YouTube. Whether you’re targeting a specific location, people with interests ranging from movies, arts, or science, or even your own past website visitors, there are multiple ways to strategically reach your audience with video pre-roll ads on YouTube. We  can make it happen for you.


Google Remarketing

Worried about customers who leave your website without completing a sale? Remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices until they come back and convert.

MacFly Package


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