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Website design that makes your company money

Websites contribute big impacts to businesses. Whether you are operating a large or small scale businesses, a good website defines your company awareness and attentiveness in being part of online presence.

Our team takes great effort in delivering website that presents mobile friendliness, high ROI, speed excellence and campaign driven purpose. We value growing SMEs and keen on giving them the potential to go further.

Led by the team each with their own specialties, they scope and deliver the website project according to your requirement and based on their experience in structuring the right architecture for your website.

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In this gadget dominated world, websites need to look great not just in desktop view but most importantly in its mobile presence. We create a responsive web design framework where it is well displayed across devices.

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Ready to convert your sales through ecommerce platform. Online shopping is ruling the businesses and everyone is keeping pace with the trends. Stable and established platforms such as Magento, Woocommerce for WordPress and other leading CMS are created for the convenience of businesses.

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Dedicated for businesses that sell services rather than products, a lead generation website is the perfect solution to attract your visitor. Through complete and simple design, it has the potential to convert inquiries into leads.

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Web analytic is one of the ways to monitor and analyze the website user behavior. Through this, it can enhance the user base and increase the conversions. This can be done by applying Google Analytics to your website.

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Website CMS (Content Management Systems)

The beauty of CMS is that it can be controlled and managed by non-coders. No rocket science involved or as complex as HTML or CSS. As we work with one of the leading CMS platforms, you will be equipped with training on how to manage and control your own site. Below is the platforms that we engaged with:


Wordpress continuously evolved and developed. With its unlimited scope, it is loved by both individuals and programmers. This platform is perfect and suitable for non-ecommerce business and small scale shops. The business added value can be done by integrating it with WooCommerce.


Specifically designed for small businesses with products fewer than 50, Woocomerce is an open source plugin suitable for WordPress. It can be easily integrated and used immediately. User experience is also improved by easy navigation that will increase your sales potentials.

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How we work

What's importance to us?

  • Responsive Design
  • Website trend
  • Type of Audience

Responsive Design-Because no one wants to see a dull and static looking website

Website trend- There are many kinds of website style to be applied these days

Type of audience- By knowing the age range, interest or  other criteria, we can help you target the right audience to the website

Website planning & strategy

Our team of consultant will love to know more about you before they start building the website:

  • The type of your business
  • The identity of your company
  • The right theme and colours
  • The type of clients or customers
  • Great contents and images
  • Purpose and functionality

These three matters to us

We would like to know more about your company’s most attractive products or services and highlight them in the website.

The website must deliver the relevant look and purpose with what the company is all about.

This is when customers already believe in your products and services and would like to try them out. We ensure they will hit that contact us button for your own satisfaction.

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Why Choose Macgad?

When it comes to selecting the right web design agency, the process might be intricate in order to select the one that best fit your business objectives.

We have experience in delivering a high quality and lead driven website with the eyes for the great web design structure to all our clients at various scales.

Our advantages:

  • Over 6 years of experience in web design and development.
  • Drive to give you the expected results in SEO, PPC, and CRO.
  • We provide One Stop Solution to solve your marketing goals.
  • We have a friendly team who will advise you on integration of external tools to the website such as Google Analytics, Call Tracks, Stripe and more.

Our Clients


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