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Websites impact business results by defining your company, putting you on the digital map, and spurring customer action.

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What makes an effective website?


User-friendly interface

Responsive design

Strong branding


Engaging content



Easy to manage & analyse

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Macgad Website Designs Prioritize:


Responsive Design

In this gadget-dominated world, websites need to look great in mobile devices as well as on desktop screens. We create a responsive web design framework that adapts to each device, ensuring the best view every time.


Positive User Experience

Whether through brand aesthetic, engaging content, or technical details such as fast load speed and smooth functionalities, we make sure your customers find it easy and delightful to be on your website.

tick conversion-driven

Conversion Driven

A well-designed website walks your customers through the consumer journey and naturally encourages them to take your desired conversion action (e.g. sign up, make a purchase, submit an enquiry). More conversions = more money for your business!


Easy Management

We want you to be the boss of your own website! We use only platforms with user-friendly content management systems (WordPress & Woocommerce), and we provide you with management guidelines so that you will be fully equipped to manage your website!

Why Choose Macgad for
Your Website Needs?

When it comes to designing the perfect website for your business, half the battle is won by selecting an agency that best fits your business objectives. We have experience in delivering high quality, lead-driven websites with great aesthetic design, functionality, and technological structure for our clients who come from a variety of business fields and sizes.

The Macgad Advantage:

Over 6 years of experience in web design and development.


We incorporate SEO, PPC, and CRO best practices from the very beginning to maximise the marketing potential of your website.

We provide a One Stop Solution to attain your marketing goals.

We have a friendly team who will advise you on the integration of external tools to the website such as Google Analytics, Call Tracks, Stripe and more.

Featured Projects

E-commerce Website

Power Sales Page

Business/Catalogue Website

Ready to build the best website for your business?

Reach out to our website design experts and we will get back to you soon.

Ready to build the best website for your business?

Reach out to our website design experts and we will get back to you soon.

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