About Us

Macgad is a digital marketing agency that offers solution instead of services to our client marketing goals. We value the potential and seamless technology that digital marketing offers and deploy it strategically in our work.

We regard everyone as our partner as we wish to be part of their successful journey in achieving the result that they want. This is achieved through long term collaboration and our commitment in giving the best in whatever we do.

Our team comprises of passionate individuals who hunger for challenges and the drive to deliver beyond the expectation. With experienced in house, our digital strategies, designer, website developer and project lead, they work in rhythm that allow them to create a tangible and intangible result.

Behind the name MACGAD

The name Macgad stands for Modern Agency Creative Gateway Advertising. We are dedicated to develop digital marketing industry in a local setting and at the same time expand the business globally. We are proud to be one of the players in the field and to develop it to another level.

How we work

At Macgad, we look forward to individuals who have the creativity and abilities in providing solution to everyday work challenge. We believe that determination to learn and gain lesson are more important than experience.

We are also a group of people who love to have fun and create a stress free environment at workplace.

Our mission

  • Implement the right online strategies for customers
  • Satisfy customers through quality products and services
  • Bring the customers beyond their market reach through digital marketing
  • Provide tailor made solution to meet customers marketing goal
  • Lead Generation More traffic to website

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